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1. Efva Attling, kr 7300 NOK, 2. Vido Jewels, kr xxx NOK, 3. Efva Attling, kr 4800 NOK, 4. Efva Attling kr 2200 NOK, 5. Efva Attling kr 21.900 NOK, 6. Alexander Lynggaard kr 950 NOK, 7. Efva Attling kr 34.500 NOK, 8. Efva Attling kr 6200 NOK.


Get to know Alexander Lynggaard CPH

ALEXANDER LYNGGAARD CPH is a Copenhagen based jewellery brand founded in 2015 by Alexander Lynggaard. The admiration of jewellery design runs in the blood, as Alexander comes from one of the most well-known and accepted jewellery families in Scandinavia.

Every jewellery from ALEXANDER LYNGGAARD CPH is carefully put together in order to ensure that the wearer obtains the highest possible spiritual energy from the gemstones, the metals, and the symbols.

Wearing ALEXANDER LYNGGAARD CPH will give you the spiritual strength and energy to pursue your dreams and live the life you have always dreamed of. We want our jewellery to give you a daily reminder that you can do this, you can make this happen, if you want it bad enough.

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Press link for packshots

1. Efva Attling kr 51.900 NOK, 2. Efva Attling kr 20.500 NOK, 3. Efva Attling kr 16.900 NOK, 4. Efva Attling kr 21.500 NOK, 5. Vido Jewels kr 3600 NOK, 6. Efva Attling kr 10.500 NOK, 7. Alexander Lynggaard kr 2100 NOK, 8. Efva Attling kr 6200 NOK, 9. Efva Attling kr 2900 NOK  

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